At The Hilltop House Kindergarten we nurture and empower children aged 1 to 6 holistically so that they not only have a strong sense of identity and self-worth but also develop meaningful relationships and become happy, life-long learners. We believe it is essential that good values and positive characters are instilled in children as a solid foundation to help them become valuable members of their communities and thrive long into their futures. We foster these qualities by cherishing the relationships between teachers and students so that children feel loved as they improve and motivated to learn as they are challenged with a wide range of meaningful educational experiences.



At The Hilltop House Kindergarten our teachers work closely with each student to identify their unique strengths, learning styles and interests in order to apply the best suited teaching approaches that cater towards each student’s individual educational needs. This allows our teachers to evaluate each child’s progress and thus provide the appropriate attention and resources to support their long-term growth and build upon their strengths.


We make learning exciting, interactive, purposeful and holistic by engaging our students with stimulating, hands-on activities while playing and learning at our outdoor jungle gym, sand pit, swimming pool, astroturf field and creative classrooms.


Our thoughtfully designed curriculum gives students a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the world around them as they learn about other cultures and countries. We cultivate independent thought and critical thinking through our Science programme and Computer classes.


We make your life easier by offering after school day care from 12.30pm until 7pm. Children are also fed a home-made, nutritious and delicious lunch.


We further develop children’s capabilities and offer room for greater exploration with a variety of programmes: Arts and Crafts, Immersion Mandarin, Malay and English, and private swimming lessons.



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Hilltop House Kindergrder



Address: 11, Jalan Setiakasih 9,
50490, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-2011-1441
Instagram: @thehilltophouse
Email: enquiries@hilltophouse.co
FB: www.facebook.com/thehilltophouse

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